Fresh Cavendish Banana新鲜香蕉

Fresh Cavendish Banana from Thailand and Vietnam.来自泰国和越南的新鲜香蕉

This banana are in every supermarket near by you.你身边的超市里的香蕉

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Fresh Cavandish Banana新鲜香蕉
Class ABC种类ABC
Leaght 14-25 CM per finger每个14-25厘米
Size 4-5-6-7-8 Hand per box每箱4-5-6-7-8指
13.5 Kgs NW  per box每箱13.5公斤
1540 Box without pallet per 40’REFCL每40尺柜1540箱无托盘
Temperature 14 degree celcius温度保持在14摄氏度
By sea (CHINA, HK, Mongolia, Middle East)航运(中国大陆,香港,外蒙古,中东)